Price Change

Due to the lack of leadership within the Bush Administration, inflation, Darfur, the housing market crash of 07, the war in Iraq, global warming, Posh Spice’s cosmetic surgery expenditures, the new Facebook interface and Condoleeza Rice’s perpetually bad helmet hair Dr. Sketchy’s Tokyo has had to raise our cost of entry.

The old price ¥1500

The new price of admission ¥2000

Seriously though, we are expanding and growing and becoming bigger, better and more bad ass and as everyone knows that costs a few extra yen in this town. For 2000 smackers you still get a free drink a chance to win some cool prizes and a damn good show. The caliber of models has always been high but now it’s through the freakin roof and we think you’ll agree Dr. Sketchy’s Tokyo has now gone pro (in terms of production) amateur and first time artists are always welcome.

This is a price hike you won’t regret. I pinky swear!


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