Shinenkai Exhibition Pics

Oh where to begin! It was AMAZING seeing all of you last Wednesday and actually talking to you sans the mic…I can’t tell you how personally delighted I was.


The air was absolutely electrified as we reunited and celebrated
Hoop Champion and Sketchy dancer Deanne Tonking’s birthday.


Crayon Girl’s (aka Laura Hammer)arrival back from the Twin City State in just a knick of time. Toy’s charmingly seductive  pin-up girl box paintings.


Josh McKible’s prodigal return to the fold  and both of Martine’s Cotton’s amazingly successful farewell photo exhibitions going on in the city right now.


Next up for your Sketching pleasure, Dr. Sketchy’s is rolling out the royal carpet for QUEEN Mako…more details to come!


2 responses to “Shinenkai Exhibition Pics

  1. What a fabulous night! thanks for hosting such a hoot!

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