September Hoopla!

DD Hoop Love

DD Hoop Love

After a month long break we’re bringing you an out-of-this world model to get you back into the Dr. Sketchy’s swing. Hailing from Australia, September’s hooptacular model DD Hoop Love of Hooplovers is a sparkling beacon of Tokyo’s international hoop scene. From her captivatingly trippy day-glo dance-routines to her very own exercise class, Ms. Hoop Love pushes the boundaries of the hoop to inspire all forms of creative self-expression.

Watch DD Hoop Love perform some of her mesmerizing hoop-routines live on the Sketchy stage, and then get your own creative wheels spinning as she uses her talents to create a unique visual presence that will make this Dr. Sketchy’s one you just can’t miss.

Don’t forget that next month’s Dr. Sketchy’s will also be the first day you can get your hands on our hot, new, Dr. Sketchy membership badge! More details at the event.

¥2000 + 1 Drink

19:00 @ The Pink Cow

今回のモデルは、オーストラリア出身で東京発信の国際的なフープシーンの有名人であるフラフーパーのDD hoop Loveです!
DD hoop Loveのレーパートリーに魅了されてしまう、決して見逃せないスケッチィーイベントになります。


One response to “September Hoopla!

  1. Hello, Could you clarify September’s date in Tokyo. Is it the 22nd or 23rd?
    Thanks, it will be my first time going to Dr. Sketchy’s in Shibuya, so I look forward to it very much.

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