Dr. Sketchy’s Breathes Fire into the New Year!

DragonAfter our holiday hiatus, Dr. Sketchy’s is back to jumpstart our 2010 season with our first male model in over a year!

Argentenian performer, instructor and pole dancer Dragon has been wowing audiences around Tokyo for years with his over the top erotic dance routines.

With a keen aesthetic eye and an won an honorary scholarship from athletic spirit to match, he has even integrated the art of traditional Japanese Iaido sword forms into a striking new style.

Dragon is a professionally trained ballet dancer and has studied at Robert Joffrey, New York Conservatory of Ballet and has worked with Joffrey Ballet and companies in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Mexico, Venezuela, Canada, Singapore and Japan. He is a regular instructor of Pilates, Pole-Dancing and Iaido. Between his incredible acrobatics and unique fetish fashion, Dragon is even more fun to draw than he is to watch!

Start your new year right! Don’t miss the first Dr. Sketchy’s of 2010 and make sure to check out our membership plans to get limited edition sketchy goods and save on tickets to our future events.

The Pink Cow



¥2000, including a free drink!

You can bring your own supplies (no wet paints though, sorry) or buy some basic stuff at the door.

No drawing experience necessary at all! And don’t worry, nobody will be judging your pictures! :)


ドラゴンはプロフェショナルバレーをロバートジョフレーやニューヨークのバレーコンサーバトリーで勉強し、ジョフレーバレーやドイツ、オーストリ ア、スイス、ミキシコ、ベネズエーラ、カナダ、ジンガポール、日本などのカンパニーとパフォーマンスを行う。現在はピラティー、ポールダンスや居合道の教 師として活躍。アルゼンチン人のパフォーマー、ダンス教師、ポールダンサーのドラゴンさんは何年も東京で最高なエロチックダンスパフォーマンスで聴衆に強 い印象を残しています。彼の美的なアスリートと日本の居合道を使ってのインパクトがある独自のスタイルは要スケッチです!




開催日:1月27日(水曜日)@渋谷The Pink Cow





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