Hippie Hina Matsuri



Help Dr. Sketchy’s welcome in the Spring with peace and love the Japanese way: it’s a hippie hina-matsuri featuring the groovy and girlicious Mimi Redlips!
Since arriving in Australia a little over 2 years ago, Miss Mimi Redlips has brought a new exotic tantalizing taste to the flavor of Burlesque in Australia. A chameleon by nature on stage Mimi moves flawlessly from a hilarious risqué comedic performance to an unbridled, unrelenting explosion of passion and back to that delicate aloof beauty which she is remembered for.
Mimi will be gracing the Dr. Sketchy’s stage on a return trip to her native Tokyo so don’t miss out on your chance to draw this jet setting beauty.

The Pink Cow

3月24日(水曜日)@渋谷The Pink Cow
19:00-22:00ish / スケッチ開始時間:19:00〜22:00頃
¥2000, including a free drink! / 入場料:2000円+ワンドリンク!


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