April with Unpei

Our April model Unpei established his name writing and performing for Tamagawa Art School’s performance group “Baron Lolita” from 1999-2003. After quitting the group, Unpei continued to make guest appearances with “Baron Lolita” while working as a performance organizer for Osaka television and choreographing and planning for his own glam-rock unit. This established his reputation for creating performances brimming with his unique personal style and interests. As one of Japan’s rare “boylesque” dancers, he heats up the underground scene with an androgynous eroticism all his own.
In recent years, Unpei has made use of his cornucopia of talents on screens big and small, and that’s not his only artistic side: Unpei is skilled in graphic design, illustration, and has even performed under the DJ moniker “Electric Sheep.”
Dr. Sketchy’s Tokyo is at:

The Pink Cow

¥2000, including a free drink!

Don’t miss your chance to draw one of Japan’s true boylesque stars!


3月28日(水曜日)@渋谷The Pink Cow


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