Singing in the Ame

April showers bring May… Candy!

Don’t let the wet-whether get you down! The good Doctor is here to turn the Japanese Spring ame (雨)”rain” into delicious ame (飴) “candy!” And who better to spearhead the endeavor then Dr. Sketchy’s Tokyo’s own sweeter-than-sugar, Cherry Typhoon!

Cherry Typhoon was originally known as VIVACE, and is one of the founders of the MURASAKI Babydolls (Best Troupe of Miss Exotic World 2006) . Since Tease-O-Rama 2007 Cherry has taken her act solo and spins up a perfects storm of subtle Japanese eroticism and an explosion of energy! In 2009, She was awarded the ‘Rosita Royse Award’ at the Montreal Burlesque Festival.

Not only that, but this Dr. Sketchy’s will be the kick-off for Miss Typhoon’s “Cherry-Go Round WORLD TOUR!” That’s right, our own Cherry Typhoon will be bringing sketchy burlesque love to different events all over the world for the next few months, and you don’t want to miss your chance to see her off!

Dr. Sketchy’s Tokyo is at:

The Pink Cow

¥2000, including a free drink!

季節はずれの「雨」に落ち込まないで!今月のテーマは「シンギング・イン・ザ・飴!」これから始まる雨の季節をDr.スケッチィMCでもあるCherry Typhoonがハッピー台風を起こし雨雲を飴雲に変えちゃいます。来月からCherryはなんと世界一周ツアーに旅立ちます。アートモンキーの元気な笑顔で彼女を送り出しましょう♪

Cherry Typhoon…..バーレスクダンサー。独特のパワフルで演劇的かつ独創的なスタイルには定評がある。横尾忠則展・姉川たく展(日本)、エリザベス・コ

5月26日(水曜日)@渋谷The Pink Cow


2 responses to “Singing in the Ame

  1. HI is it wed. 25 or thurs 26? confused…

  2. wed 25!

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