Live iPad Sketchy!

今回スケッチィがフィーチャーするアーティストはLA在住のストーリーボードアーティストのスティーブ ククル氏です!

Intrigued by the possibilities of drawing on Apple’s new iPad? Maybe you saw stylish artist Steve Curcuru sketching away on his at our last event? Well this month, Steve will be hooking his iPad up to the Pink Cow projector to give a full demo of how it’s done! Not only that, but Steve will be giving each art-monkey a chance to touch and draw on the iPad themselves.

Did we mention that this is all going down on Wednesday, May 26th, Two days before the iPad’s release-date? Don’t pass up your chance to try it out!

Steve Curcuru is a concept and storyboard artist working in Los Angeles, California; and a member of the creative group 310Artists.
In addition to movies like Disney’s Beverly Hills Chihuahua and Sony’s upcoming Smurfs, he draws for many directing clients and advertising agencies.  When he’s not drawing for others, Steve likes to draw from life, work on his own graphic novels, and sketch on trains.  More of his work can be seen at the 310Artists website.

WEDNESDAY MAY 26th at The Pink Cow in Shibuya
¥2000, including a free drink!

5月26日(水曜日)@渋谷The Pink Cow


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