JULY Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School, Tokyo 【FEATURING DOLLY DIVINE!】
Calling all Art Monkeys! Our next event will be at a SPECIAL TIME on SATURDAY, JULY 24th from 5pm instead of our usual Wednesday gig! For all you out there who can’t make the weeknights but have a Saturday evening free to get out that artistic itch, this is your big chance!
Dolly Divine is coming all the way from the UK, so lets show her a warm Tokyo welcome at the Pink Cow!

The Pink Cow
Saturday, July 24th
¥2000, including a free drink!

About Dolly Divine:
Famed across the South Coast for dancing the night and many of her clothes away” Dolly is one of Portsmouth’s most active Burlesque Artists. Having spent over two years on stage she has had the pleasure of performing at events such as Torture Garden, Festival of Sins and many hot rod and military vehicle shows. Dolly also spent two years promoting the Burlesque Show HMS Pin Up in Portsmouth and various one of events for private companies.



7月24日(土曜日)@THE PINK COW渋谷


イギリスのポーツマスで、現在もっとも活動的なバーレスクアーティストの一人。彼女はトーチャーガーデン、フェスティバル・オブ・シン、多数のホットロッド関連のイベントやミリタリー・カーショーまで、これまでの2年間で参加したイベントは数多い。ポーツマスで彼女は「he Burlesque Show HMS Pin Up in Portsmouth」のPR活動を精力的に行っている。


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