Halloween Circus

Hello Art Monkeys!

There’s a bad moon rising in October, and that means it’s time for the ever popular Dr. Sketchy’s Halloween!

This month’s theme is Halloween Circus, and the Sketchy Circus ring leader is shining a spotlight on this month’s sexy talent!

The Anti-Art School Dr. Sketchy’s Circus is proud to bring you a magical evening of sketching spectacle with the amazing Barbara Murata!

Those attending in costumes will receive a special surprise! So get yourself gussied up and come join us under the big top!

Barbara Murata

Barbara Murata is one of Japan’s top mime artists.
She mixes theatre, dance, puppetry, mask and object manipulation to create a new mime wold.
Barbara Murata’s unique style includes the dramatic, the romantic, and the comic, all illustrated through her sense of rhythm and movement.
Barbara studied dance and theatre during her time at university as well as participating in the mime club in Waseda University and Koyo Yamamoto.

In 1997 she attended the Desmond Jones School of Mime & Physical Theatre in London.
In 2002 she was awarded the “Heaven Artist”, the Official Street Performance License in Tokyo.
She has performed in a variety of venues, from the street to the stage, both in Japan and abroad.

Wednesday, October 27th @ The Pink Cow Shibuya
Sketch Time: 7:00pm – 10:00pm (approx)
Admission: ¥2000, w/ 1 drink!




10月27日(水曜日)@THE PINK COW渋谷


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