Hey Art Monkeys!
November brings you the last Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School, Tokyo of 2010!
We will be taking hiatus in December so come on down to the Pink Cow November 24th!

Enter into an alternate universe 1000 years in the future – a dimension where Japan is under the rule of a great and benevolent Emperor.
In the capital city, Edolopolis, Yuko the Geisha is deep undercover tracking forces which conspire to subvert and control the monarchy.
Little does she know that she has been discovered…
Don’t miss EDOLOPOLIS 3000!


After graduating from college, Yuko became interested in traditional Japanese Arts.  She is an accomplished Classical Japanese dancer and shamisen player, always seeking new expression through the traditional style.  In May 2010,  she played shamisen in traditional dance performance events “Otogizoushi Tori-Oi” and “Kashiko” at Gallery Ef in Asakusa.  Her next performance is “Netaimatatabi” at AFR Yokohama on December 5th 2010.

Wednesday, November 24th @ The Pink Cow Shibuya
Sketch Time: 7:00pm – 10:00pm (approx)
Admission: ¥2000, w/ 1 drink!


今月のテーマは「EDOLOPOLIS 3000 ~未来から来た芸者~」舞台は3000年のEDO。遠い未来でも日本の伝統文化を大切にする人々がいた。その伝統伝承者の一人、幽子が未来のEDOLOPOLISで遭遇するものとは…!?

大学卒業後、芸事に目覚め勉強を始める。日本舞踊、三味線など和の音色と身体技法をおさめ、伝統美の中にも新しい表現を試みるパフォーマー。2010年五月、江戸時代より遺る朝草の蔵のギャラリー「ef」にて行われた舞踊パフォーマンス「御伽草子 鳥追い」には「かしこ」名義で三味線として参加。次回出演:2010年12月5日「熱帯股旅」@AFR横浜

11月24日(水曜日)@THE PINK COW渋谷


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