Photo: Celia Spenard-Ko (Montreal)

We are kicking off 2011 with a special model at a special time, so be careful not to miss MS. BLOODY MARY ANNE on JANUARY 19TH!

Ms. Bloody Mary Anne (Kamee Abrahamian)

Hailing from an Armenian family of thespians, Kamee’s parents always nurtured her creativity and individuality.  Taking her from the dusty streets of Cairo, where she was first trained by performers of the Russian Bolshoi, to the bustling city of Los Angeles, where her initial interest in film and photography were ignited, Kamee’s childhood was without a doubt unconventional. Having trained for fourteen years in various forms of dance, with an emphasis on classical ballet, she was able to easily transition into modeling and acting. Arriving in Montreal at the ripe age seventeen, she pursued her studies in Film and Political Science. Socially, Kamee easily found her niche in the vibrant environment of Montreal nightlife. Her traveling circus lifestyle prompted her to gravitate towards the city’s vast medley of vivacious individuals. With an innate ability to lead and nurture, her role as matriarch of the Blood Ballet Cabaret was serendipitous. As a result, Kamee has been able to create a healthy and productive environment for the BBC performers to reach their full potential as artists. Her charming presence on and off the stage inspires those around her to truly open themselves up to the Blood Ballet experience.

Wednesday, January 19th @ The Pink Cow Shibuya
Sketch Time: 7:00pm – 10:00pm (approx)
Admission: ¥2000, w/ 1 drink!

A Happy New Year!!

モントリオールから特別ゲスト、MS.BLOODY MARY ANNEさんをお迎えしてお待ちしております!

Ms. Bloody Mary Anne (Kamee Abrahamian】

アルメニアの俳優一家に生まれ、両親からは個性と独創性を重んじられ育てられる。エジプトのカイロから離れ、初めてのロシアン・ボリショイのトレーニングを受けロサンゼルスに移り住み、そこで彼女は初めてフィルムと写真に興味を抱くようになる。Kameeの幼少期はとても型破りなもので、クラシックバレエを主に14年間に及ぶ様々なダンストレーニングを受け、モデルや演技までもこなすようになる。17歳の時にモントリオールに移り住み、そこで彼女はフィルムと政治学を勉強する。活気あふれるモントリオールのナイトライフで彼女は自身の活動場所を見つけ、彼女の巡業サーカス団的な生活スタイルは陽気あふれる人々を引きつけました。先導力と育成力が長けている彼女はBlood Ballet Cabaretのリーダー的存在としてグループをまとめ、その結果、彼女はThe Blood Ballet Cabaret (BBC)に属すモデル達がもっているポテンシャルを最大限まで引き出すのに最高な環境を作りに成功する。彼女の愛らしさはステージ上でもステージ以外でも沢山の人々を魅了し続ける。

1月19日(水曜日)@THE PINK COW渋谷


2 responses to “JANUARY 19TH with MS. BLOODY MARY ANNE

  1. I am so very excited for this! Counting down the days… Simply cannot wait to meet you all.

    Ms. Bloody Mary Anne

    PS: Photo credit: Celia Spenard-Ko (Montreal)

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