September 18th: Dolly Tartan!


Dolly Tartan is a pocket-sized pin-up princess and burlesque performer from Glasgow in Scotland! With a background in classical music and ballet, she started performing burlesque in 2007, and since then has performed at hundreds of shows across Britain, and now in Tokyo too. Cute, cheeky, fun and unique, she is best-known for her infamous Marie Antoinette routine, and her high-energy ‘Shake Your Tailfeathers’ jive.
ドリー・タータンはスコットランドの出身のピンアッププリンセス。彼女は可愛い、野太い、楽しいと面白い。ドリーさんの一番夕目なパフォーマンスはマリー・アントワネットも「Shake your tail feathers]。

Dr. Sketchy’s is an international alternative art event where burlesque models pose for artstars and sketching newbies alike with food, drinks and arty socializing.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Doors open at 6:00pm. Show Starts at 7:00pm
@The Pink Cow
¥2000/including light dinner
No reservation needed.

*for directions and more venue info please check


THE PINK COWでは、自家製の多国籍料理をお楽しみいただけます、スケッチ中も食事は可能ですので是非一度お試し下さい♪DRスケッチィのオススメは本場仕込みのブリトーです☆一度食べたらはまります◎
You don’t need to be an artist or know how to sketch to come and enjoy the show and the food! Just bring pad and pencils if you want to try!スケッチ未経験者でも参加大歓迎!見学に、料理を楽しみに、是非お越しください!気軽にスケッチをやってみたい人には完璧な場所です!


One response to “September 18th: Dolly Tartan!

  1. Mike Van Hoecke

    When is the next event? I would like to exercise my pencils.

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