March 31: Tuna Mermaid



今回ご披露するショーには『My Sweet Pillow』という名前が付いていますが、実はクラシックバレエの名作『コッペリア』への風刺作品です。このバレエの劇中の悪役は、人形と暮らし、人形の世話をし、人形を愛する村はずれの変わり者。大変気持ちの悪い人物として描かれています。しかし気持ち悪いことは悪ではないし、彼は彼のままで幸せになることもできたはず。『My Sweet Pillow』では、村はずれの変わり者をエプロン姿のピンナップガールに、お人形を二次元のイケメン抱き枕に置き換えて、ドラマティックな脱衣(Burlesque)を行います。愛の形に「普通」を求める全ての人への風刺(Burlesque)になっているといいなと思います。驚きのハッピーエンドをぜひ見にいらしてください。


Tuna Mermaid made her debut as a non-dancing burlesque performer in 2016. Tuna Mermaid is a non-typical Japanese beauty who also works as a popular artist’s model with her curvaceous figure reminding one of Ruben’s nudes, Elvgren’s pin-up girls, and the characters in Japanese Shojo comics. Burlesque was a comedic performance or parody that often mocked the European imperial courts in the 17th century and is being revived in the 21st century. In an era without powerful kings and queens, who will be mocked?

On March 31, Tuna Mermaid will do her “My Sweet Pillow” routine, which is based on the classic ballet comedy, Coppelia. The villain in the original ballet is an oddball who lives on the edge of town with a mechanical doll, takes care of the doll, and loves the doll. Dr Coppelius is written as a despicable person, but things that feel awful are not bad. If he had lived the way he wanted to, he would have been happy. In “My Sweet Pillow”, the main character is a sexy but wacky woman who wears an apron and looks like a 1950s housewife ala Lucille Ball (who was also a pin-up model), and the doll is now a two-dimensional body pillow with the picture of a hot guy on it. As the show progresses, she dramatically changes her appearance for her “man” in a desperate attempt to appeal to him. Through such forms of love, all people seek to be ‘normal’. The surprise happy ending has to be seen to be believed!

Tuna Mermaid
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Dr. Sketchy’s is an international alternative art event where burlesque models pose for art stars and sketching newbies alike with drinks and arty socializing.

Friday, March 31, 2016

Show Starts at 7:00pm
¥2000/including 1 drink
No reservation needed.

*for directions and more venue info please check


STUDIO and SPACE IVVA is an arty rental space and photography studio. We have other cool events and stuff going on so check us out ◎
You don’t need to be an artist or know how to sketch to come and enjoy the show and! Just bring pad and pencils if you want to try!スケッチ未経験者でも参加大歓迎!気軽にスケッチをやってみたい人には完璧な場所です!

Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School is an enshrined institution of drawing and sketching mayhem here in Tokyo since 2006. Brought to you by Ebisu Atelier d’Art.

For more on Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School Tokyo:

or Ebisu Atelier d’Art:


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