March 28: Kellita the Showgirl



小 粋で魅力的な、エンターテイメントの歴史…そこに名を重ねる魅惑のバーレスクダンサー、ケリータ。2008年サンフランシスコで「Queen of Carnaval」の座に輝いた彼女は、北米はもちろんローマ、チューリッヒ、パリなど世界各地で活躍、溢れんばかりの輝かしい活気を踊る先々で振りまい ている。
バーレスクの世界的殿堂「バーレスク・ホール・オブ・フェイム(BHOF)」では、ソロはもちろんデュオ、チームなどを含め5度の 優勝候補ノミネートに輝き、2002年の同大会では、その驚異的なシミー技から、「余震娘(Little Miss Aftershock)」の異名を獲得。さらに、「ニューヨーク・バーレスク・フェスティバル」名物の「ゴールデン・ペイスティ大賞」では「Best Derriere(’04)」および「Most Sensual(’09)」の2冠に輝いている。
ソリストとしての活動の他、地元サンフランシスコで「Hot Pink Feathers Dance Company and Showgirl Academy」を設立、世界中に100人以上ものショーガールを送り出している。

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
This month: Queen of Carnival SF 2008, the exuberant Kellita descends from a long line of sassy entertainers. She shares her verve and sparkle far and wide, recently adding Rome, Zurich and Paris to a dizzying list of North American cities. She is a 5-time finalist at the Burlesque Hall of Fame (in solo, duet and troupe category). Named Little Miss Aftershock for her outstanding shimmy shake at the Miss Exotic World pageant (’02), Kellita is also the proud recipient of 2 Golden Pasties from the New York Burlesque festival: Best Derriere (’04) and Most Sensual (’09). She is the founder of Hot Pink Feathers Dance Company & Showgirl Academy, through which she has awakened 100’s of showgirls worldwide.

Dr. Sketchy’s is an international alternative art event where burlesque models pose for art stars and sketching newbies alike with drinks and arty socializing.

You don’t need to be an artist or know how to sketch to come and enjoy the show and! Just bring pad and pencils to the Guinguette by Moja on the fourth Wednesday of each month if you want to try!スケッチ未経験者でも参加大歓迎!第四水曜日のGuinguette by MOJA は気軽にスケッチをやってみたい人には最適の場所です!

Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School is an enshrined institution of drawing and sketching mayhem here in Tokyo since 2006. Brought to you by Ebisu Atelier d’Art.

For more on Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School Tokyo:

Ebisu Atelier d’Art:

Wednesday, March 28
¥2000 (1 drink included)

Model, performance, DJ, MC, great food, cool people!

The Guinguette by MOJA
COI Nishi Aoyama Bldg B1, Shibuya 1-11-1

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Dr. Sketchy’s Tokyo

Tokyo, JP
243 Art Monkeys

Dr. Sketchy’s Tokyo is an enshrined institution of drawing and sketching mayhem here in Tokyo. The Queen of alternative drawing events in the city since 2006. Whether you’re a…

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Dr. Sketchy’s presents: Kellita the Showgirl

Wednesday, Mar 28, 2018, 7:00 PM
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