My Lovin’ Valentine: February 14

Lights, pencils, burlesque and… SKETCH!!

Date:Sunday February 14 Time: 4-7pm
Venue: What the Dickens!
4f Roob 6 Bldg, 1-13-3 Ebisu Nishi, Shibuya, Tokyo, 150-0021Admission:¥2000 (Includes 1 free drink)
No reservations needed. Come and enjoy yourself with your newest, bestest buddies!

To prevent the spread of COVID-19, Please wear a mask!

遅咲きながらも2014年6月には異例の速さでBurlesque Hall of Fameに邦人唯一のファイナリストとして参加、を妄想しながら一人自宅で膝を抱える日々を過ごす。この現代に於いても、未だ有効な治療法の見つからない不治の病といわれる厨二病を患いつつも、懸命に生きる姿は、多くのロビンから共感と賞賛の言葉が絶えない。妄想力を生かした厨二病的ストーリーで、同じ病を患う者に多くの勇気を与えている。地味ながらも苦労に満ちたその半生に全てのロビンが涙した。

☆ LOViN’s Profile ☆Made her burlesque debut in 2013.
This late bloomer surprisingly fast became the only Japanese finalist at the Burlesque Hall of Fame in 2014, and now she spends her days home alone, hugging her knees, obsessed with her bygone fame.
Nowadays, although she is still suffering the uncurable condition of delusion of grandeur, this energetic character gets a lot of sympathy and admiration from many Lovin’ fans. She inspires all the others suffering from a delusion of grandeur, getting an inspiration from the wild ideas inspired by her condition. Modest and hard-working she makes all the Lovin’ fans cry!
Next summer she is planning to make a movie!
Her ambition now is the Academy Awards!


Dr. Sketchy’s is an international alternative art event where burlesque models pose for art stars and sketching newbies alike with drinks and arty socializing.You don’t need to be an artist or know how to sketch to come and enjoy the show! Just bring pad and pencils to What the Dickens if you want to try!Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School is an enshrined institution of drawing and sketching mayhem here in Tokyo since 2006. Brought to you by Ebisu Atelier d’Art. For more information: Atelier d’Art:

Model, Performance, DJ, MC, great food, cool people!

at: What the Dickens! See less

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