April 25: Violet Eva

Lights, pencils, burlesque and… SKETCH!!

Date:Sunday April 25th
Time: 4-7pm
Venue: What the Dickens!

4f Roob 6 Bldg, 1-13-3 Ebisu Nishi, Shibuya, Tokyo, 150-0021

Admission:¥2000 (Includes 1 free drink)

No reservations needed.

Come and enjoy yourself with your newest, bestest buddies!

To prevent the spread of COVID-19, Please wear a mask!


Violet Eva is the “Violet Head” of the award-winning Japanese burlesque troupe, Murasaki Babydoll (“Best Burlesque Troupe” in the World 2006 at the Burlesque Hall of Fame), embracing love, pop, and kitsch. With a group name that Prince in all his glory would have loved (murasaki=purple), would you expect her purple gloriousness to have a title any less colourful? Violet Eva herself was declared the “Best Debut 2007” at the Burlesque Hall of Fame. She is an active Tokyo-based burlesque dancer, burlesque teacher, and choreographer. This marvelous dancer charms the world.


Violet Eva 【紫ベビードール】「愛」をテーマに踊る、ポップでキッチュなバーレスク・パフォーマンス集団「紫ベビードール」主宰。人並み外れた柔軟性とパワフルなパフォーマンスは、海外での評価も高く、
バーレスクの世界大会 「MISS EXOTIC WORLD(現Burlesque Hall Of Fame)」では、
2006年に、紫ベビードールで【Best Troupe(最優秀団体賞)】を、
2007年にはソロで【Best Debut(最優秀新人賞)】を受賞。
その後も、同大会での世界のバーレスクダンサーの最高峰を決める【Queen Of Burlesque】部門に、
「Butterfly Tokyo」にて振付・監修を行っている。

Twitter: @violeteva

Our COVID precautions:
– Please wear a mask! (when not eating or drinking)
– The venue is spacious and well ventilated.
– Hand sanitizer is readily available.
– People showing cold/flu symptoms may be asked to leave.


Dr. Sketchy’s is an international alternative art event where burlesque models pose for art stars and sketching newbies alike with drinks and arty socializing. You don’t need to be an artist or know how to sketch to come and enjoy the show! Just bring a pad and pencils to What the Dickens if you want to try! Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School is an enshrined institution of drawing and sketching mayhem here in Tokyo since 2006. Brought to you by Ebisu Atelier d’Art.

For more information:


Ebisu Atelier d’Art:

Model, Performance, DJ, MC, great food, cool people!at: What the Dickens!

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